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Module 1 - Introduction and Overview of Translational Sciences

Module Objectives

Translational sciences hold the promise of substantially improving the way compounds are designed and developed into drugs, as well how clinician scientists and pharmacists personalize pharmacotherapy. This module will provide information on the following topics:
  • A high-level overview that seeks to describe the emerging field of translational sciences and the content and flow of the course modules in this e-Learning Course.
  • Receptor pharmacology and transduction signaling processes that are essential concepts for drug discovery and understanding mechanisms of drug action.
  • Pharmacometrics and how it has evolved from classical beginnings in population-based analysis to represent model-based approaches at all scales of organization. New computational methods in systems pharmacology are being merged with exposure-response relationships to provide new insights into disease and therapeutics across all phases of drug development and utilization. This module will provide a broad overview of this field, as well as the latest advancements in modeling and simulation of disease and drug effects.
  • Molecular and functional imaging has revolutionized the fields of diagnostics and disease and therapeutic monitoring (biomarkers), and new imaging modalities are providing fine-grain details of in vivo drug properties at very early stages of drug development.
  • Genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics platforms are providing an incredible amount of information on mechanisms of disease and drug action. However, strategies for integrating these data-rich resources into drug development and pharmacotherapy are needed.
Upon completion of this first module, the learner should be able to:
  1. Describe what the intended purpose of Translational Research/Science/ Medicine;
  2. Discuss possible applications of Translation Research to solve real-world problems;
  3. Explain what a receptor is and its role in pharmacology;
  4. Discuss the core concepts of quantitative systems pharmacology, including the biological and pharmacological mechanism
  5. Describe the basic concepts of pharmaco-imaging; and
  6. List diseases that can be linked to specific genes or proteins

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