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Oral sustained release liquid suspensions: Towards patient-centered pharmaceutical development in pediatric and geriatric patients


About this webinar

Oral sustained release dosage forms offer many benefits in comparison with immediate release dosage forms including improved treatment effectiveness, reduced side effects, and convenient dosing. The majority of oral sustained-release formulations are large tablets and capsules that must not be crushed, causing difficulty in administration for pediatric patients and patients with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). Suspension of microparticles in an easy-to-swallow liquid is one approach to develop sustained release formulations for these patients. This webinar provides a review of microencapsulation technologies that could be used in producing sustained-release microparticles for liquid suspensions, including spray drying, spray congealing, emulsion solvent evaporation and ionic resin complexation. The advantages and challenges of the existing technologies are compared. A recent development in a novel processing technology that improves the efficiency of fluidized bed coating to produce sustained release microparticles is discussed with case studies that apply the technology for a range of APIs with different physio-chemical properties. Examples of incorporating sustained-release microparticles in oral liquid suspensions for single-dose or multi-dose use are provided. Other patient-centric approaches that could apply sustained-release microparticles for pediatric and geriatric patients are discussed including dispersible tablets and ODTs.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the opportunities and challenges in developing oral liquid sustained release suspension for pediatric and geriatric patients
  • Describe existing microencapsulation technologies that enable the development of oral sustained release liquids
  • Examine recent advancement in fluidized bed coating process for scalable production of sustained-release microparticles
  • Explore patient-centric approaches in developing oral sustained release formulations
Moderated by Dr. Mark Saunders

June 4, 2020
Thu 12:30 PM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

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