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Oral sustained release liquid suspensions: Towards patient-centered pharmaceutical development in pediatric and geriatric patients

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  • Fang Lui, Ph.D.

    Dr. Fang Liu is an Associate Professor at the University of Hertfordshire and Founder of Fluid Pharma Ltd. She obtained her PhD in Pharmaceutics in 2008 from UCL School of Pharmacy, before undertaking a Post-Doctoral research position in the same institution. In 2009, Fang joined the University of Hertfordshire as a Lecturer in Clinical Pharmaceutics. Her research interests focus on developing patient-centric medicines for paediatric and older adults. She is a co-chair of the Age-Related Medicines Focus Group in Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Great Britain (APSGB). She has published her work in over 25 peer reviewed journal articles and is the inventor of 4 patent applications. In 2016, Fang founded Fluid Pharma Ltd, focusing on developing bespoke medicines for paediatric and older patients. Fluid Pharma has attracted nearly £1 million investment and developed a proprietary MicroCoatTM microparticle coating technology for developing taste masked and sustained release medicines that are easy to swallow for paediatric patients and patients with swallowing difficulties.

June 4, 2020
Thu 12:30 PM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.