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Developing Verbal Humor in Deaf Children

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Humor is considered a core component of resilience, well-being, and social competence. But research shows delays in verbal humor development in children with hearing loss. Join us for a practical workshop, exploring the latest research and effective strategies for enabling humor appreciation and creation that support children’s social and emotional development.

During this session participants will:

  • Explain the stages of verbal humor development from infancy to school age, and the building blocks required for mastery of each stage.
  • Discuss research relating to the impact of hearing loss on the development of verbal humor.
  • Apply strategies to support parents in nurturing their child’s verbal humor skills through everyday conversations and playful interaction.


  • Emma Burton Cert.MRCSLT, LSLS CertAVT

    Emma Burton, Cert.MRCSLT, LSLS CertAVT is an Auditory Verbal Therapist at Auditory Verbal UK. She chairs the Auditory Verbal Clinical Excellence Network in the UK. She particularly enjoys thinking about humour and resilience in working with families

  • Estelle Gerrett B.Ed, AdvDipHI,CAES,, LSLS CertAVT

    Estelle Gerrett, B.Ed, AdvDipHI,CAES,, LSLS CertAVT, is a Senior Auditory Verbal Therapist, Teacher of the Deaf and Family Support Lead at Auditory VerbalUK , with over 25 years of experience. She was previously Clinical lead at Hearing House in New Zealand and has a profoundly deaf son herself.

June 24, 2021
Thu 9:15 AM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.

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