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LOFT 2021 - July 26-28


The magic of LOFT lies in the lifelong friendships that grow from this program. LOFT provides a supportive and structured environment in which participants increase self-confidence and understanding of their own strengths and abilities through activities designed to challenge them. LOFT builds connections, respect and camaraderie among teens who share a common bond. This is a great opportunity for high school and college-bound teens interested in an enlightening and confidence-building experience. 

Leadership Opportunities For Teens (LOFT) is a program dedicated to shaping and transforming the lives of teens. LOFT is built around three key concepts:
who you are is unique and wonderful;
you are not alone; and
there are resources and a network of people who can help you face challenges.

This year, LOFT is going virtual for the first time ever! Counselors who are also deaf or hard of hearing will lead LOFTees through a series of activities and games, and guest speakers will join us to discuss technology, self-advocacy, communication, and more. Over the span of two days, teens will have the opportunity to virtually connect with mentors and peers to establish meaningful bonds.

To begin, click on the links below (Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3) to register for your LOFT sessions.