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CAEP Certificate Program©

Welcome to the CAEP Certificate Program©.

This experience is designed for you as you keep up with the demands of your profession while investing in your own learning and development. In this way, you are able to complete each module in your own time.

  • The CAEP Certificate contains lessons and COVID resources that include relevant, specific, and illustrative content that will anchor your Admission & Enrollment Management experiences to date.
  • The CAEP Certificate can be earned by all developmental levels of admission and enrollment management professionals.
  • Each module includes a Lesson Guide that includes a brief synopsis of the lesson, one to three learning objectives for each lesson presented, and questions that will engage you and prepare you for the final assessment at the end of the course. 
  • Each lesson will include a presentation slide deck PDF (if available), as well as pertinent articles, tools, and links that augment your learning experience.
  • Participants are asked to complete an online knowledge assessment at the end of the course. The pass rate is 80%. Your Lesson Outlines and Self Quizzes and all materials should enable you to become ready and able to pass with flying colors.
It is our hope that the accompanying lessons and COVID resources strengthen your knowledge and commitment to the Admission and Enrollment Management profession. Welcome to your course!

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