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Welcome to AUPHA's Center for Learning, Achievement, and Success (CLAS) With course offerings geared towards all levels of teaching experience – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – the Art of Teaching Institute (ATI) engages individuals in developing and improving their teaching practice in the field of Healthcare Management.

In the future, AUPHA CLAS will also be home to the AUPHA Data Warehouse, which will provide access to raw de-identified data from various surveys completed by membership, and the Leadership Academy, a set of courses focused on professional development related to administrative leadership roles in colleges and universities.
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Need help?
AUPHA CLAS has some great support built right in. Just click on the question mark in the green circle located in the bottom right of your screen. There are lots of great resources there, but if you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to Jenn Munt at, or call her at 202-808-8526.