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ALD 2011 Presentations

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The AVS Topical Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2011) will be a three-day meeting (preceded by one day of tutorials), dedicated to the science and technology of atomic layer controlled deposition of thin films. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is used to fabricate ultrathin and conformal thin film structures for many semiconductor and thin film device applications. A unique attribute of ALD is that it uses sequential self-limiting surface reactions to achieve control of film growth in the monolayer or sub-monolayer thickness regime. ALD is receiving attention for its potential applications from advanced electronics, microsystems, and displays to energy capture and storage, solid state lighting, biotechnology, security, and consumer products - particularly for any advanced technologies that require control of film structure in the nanometer or sub-nanometer scale.

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Welcome to the 11th annual Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2011) conference. We are pleased to host this year’s conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). Well known for its Ivy League universities and global businesses, Cambridge is recognized around the world as a hub for innovative research, development, and technological advancement.

We have incorporated several new and exciting elements into this year’s conference. First, we are honored to have Dr. Robert Langer, the David H. Koch Institute Professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as our keynote speaker. Dr. Langer is the most cited chemical engineer in history and was named one of the 25 most important people in the biotechnology industry by both Forbes and BioWorld magazines. His expertise is particularly fitting, as this is the first year we’ve added Biotechnology as an abstract category.

This event going into its 11th year underlines the fact that ALD has become a mainstream technology that is being utilized to enhance more products and processes across various industries marketed worldwide. The potential of ALD technology is infinite. To expand upon this, a special session on the Industrialization of ALD will be included in this year’s conference. We are excited to have scientists, engineers, and technologists from all over the world under one roof exchanging ideas and sharing their expertise in this forum. In addition to Dr. Langer, over 20 speakers have been invited to give oral presentations that will cover a wide array of research topics.

In the spirit of industrialization, two awards will be presented for the first time at ALD 2011. First will be the ALD Innovation Award. This award recognizes an individual whose contributions have revolutionized ALD technology. The second is the Student Award. We felt it was important to highlight and celebrate outstanding research performed by a graduate student in areas of interest to Atomic Layer Deposition. The finalists will be selected on the basis of abstract submission. Each will receive a $500 award upon attending the ALD International Symposium and presenting their paper in an oral session. The Best Student Paper Award winner will be selected from three finalists on the basis of their oral presentation, quality of research, and clarity of presentation. The award consists of a $500 cash prize and certificate. Lastly, new abstract categories were added this year to focus on ALD research areas that are unique and promising. We received an unprecedented number of abstract submissions—over 240—the most in the history of this conference! Due to the abundance of submissions, we have instituted parallel sessions throughout most of the conference.

This conference would not be possible if it were not for the tireless efforts and continued support of Della Miller and her team at AVS. We want to thank them for all of the hard work they have undertaken to make ALD 2011 a success. We would also like to express gratitude to all of our committee members, sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, and talent that have contributed to make this year’s ALD conference a success.

Jill S. Becker and Gary Rubloff, Conference Chairs, ALD 2011