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Geriatric EM Course Virtual 22-June-2023

Thursday, June 22nd 
9:00am ET – 1:00 pm ET
(3 hrs minimum attendance required to earn certificate)

Clinical care of older adults remains challenging in all Emergency Departments (ED). However, the needs of older adults can be complex and specific training is often lacking. This course will address core clinical Geriatric EM content and give tips and tools to facilitate management of complex geriatric patients in the ED. The learner
will benefit from knowledge and experiences about common geriatric presentations in the ED and will gain confidence in managing them. The course is intended for ED clinicians, both MDs and advanced practice
providers (NPs, PAs).

Participants in this course will be better informed, better equipped, and more comfortable as clinicians in managing the challenging presentations of older ED patients.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the main geriatric syndromes that have an impact on the clinical management of older adults
in the emergency department
2. Problem-solve complex clinical situations involving older adults that are commonly seen in the
emergency department
3. Analyze their own clinical behavior and attitudes in care of older ED patients in light of new evidence

This virtual course consists of pre-course modules followed by a half-day (live/virtual) interactive course which assumes completion of the modules. The pre-course modules are 10 short video presentations on core geriatric emergency medicine topics (trauma, medication, falls, delirium, etc.) Registration to this course includes full access to the video modules. Participants are encouraged to review the modules before the
course. The virtual course is four hours long, with an facilitator to participant ratio of 1:10. 25% of the course is interactive with small breakout rooms for case-based discussions on a wide-range of topics (see below).

Participants have the opportunity for individualized learning by picking 2 topics from a list of 8 that are of interest to them. Participants can discuss cases in facilitated small groups in order to learn from each other and the facilitators. Each of the facilitators has specialized knowledge and training in geriatric emergency medicine.

Pre-course material
● 10 video presentations on geriatric emergency medicine:
○ Senior friend ED, atypical presentations, falls, delirium, frailty, hip fractures, palliative
care, geriatric trauma, pharmacology, physiological changes
○ Strongly recommended prior to course but also available after course
Virtual Course
○ Core content
● 4 core topics in geriatric emergency medicine with a didactic lecture
○ Delirium/dementia
○ Medication management
○ Trauma
○ Critically ill
● 2 case presentations in small breakout rooms
○ Shallow dives
● 7 topics offered and participants choose 2 with registration
1. UTI, does it exist?
2. 5 tips to improve triage
3. Gait assessment
4. Goals of care & Palliative Care
5. Procedural Sedation
6. Capacity assessment
7. 10 tips to gather the best clinical evaluation in older adults

Dr. Alice Gray
Dr. Don Melady
Dr. Rebecca Schonnop
Dr. Brittany Ellis