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Actuarial Challenges Across the World - 2019 AM Microlearning Videos

This is a series of segmented videos from the 2019 Annual Meeting General Session: Actuarial Challenges Across the World. More recordings can be found here.

The contexts in which property/casualty actuaries operate can vary widely from place to place, and from time to time. Cultural, legal, economic and regulatory environments; Catastrophe exposure; Market size, stage of development, and competitive dynamics; Data availability and quality; Development of the actuarial profession -- all these dimensions affect the conduct and delivery of our work in important ways. In this session we will explore these effects; and how they relate to similarities and differences in the roles, activities, and work products of property/casualty actuaries around the world. The panel will feature four panelists from distinct environments to illustrate; to compare and contrast; to discuss some of the unique characteristics and issues in their environment; and to explore the implications for actuaries and for the actuarial profession.