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How to be an Engaging Technical Speaker Webinar Series

This presentation includes training and discussion for the sake of clarity and the collective impact of a community of practice. The course itself is more concerned with how to create or structure an effective and engaging speech on a technical subject, rather than a mere 'use inflection' and 'smile more' training. We will consider a fresh paradigm for communication that lays the foundation for the uniqueness of the presenter to connect with the design of the human brain in listening.

INTENDED AUDIENCE:Those who will benefit from this training are both the long-term and up-and-coming technical presenters who are teachable and desire a better connection with their audiences. It is especially for those who understand that knowing your stuff does not necessarily mean you will present it well.

COACH NAME AND DESIGNATION/CREDENTIALS: Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand Dr. Lybrand taught Speech Communications at the University of Alabama, has authored two books on effective communication, and has been a public speaker for over 42 years.

SPEAKER OPINIONS:The opinions expressed by speakers at this event are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the CAS.