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The Science of Reading and Daily Teaching Practices

Join The Reading League Louisiana, in collaboration with the Center for Development and Learning as we host our presenter, Susan Connick, for this live webinar. 

This presentation will define the Science of Reading and dig a bit into how the reading brain works. In understanding how the brain reacts to the process of reading, we will discuss the critical components of reading instruction. Evidence-based practices and instructional methods will be discussed. As an educator, Susan is constantly seeking out best-practices in reading instruction. She often finds researchers and theorists that offer incredible concepts; yet, she's still left with questioning how those ideas manifest in the classroom. While the subject is broad, Susan hopes to share real examples that she has found to work with students. Real classroom resources will be shared that connect to each of the pillars of reading instruction.

Susan Connick, a Louisiana educator will lead the discussion about the science of reading with evidence-based reading instruction, structured literacy, and the importance of these foundational practices as it is applied in the classroom. 

To register for the February 27th live event:
1. Create a PathLMS account
2. Click into the Section "The Science of Reading and Daily Teaching Practices"
3. Complete the Pre-Event Survey Questions
4. Register for the Webinar

Thank you to the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation and Amplify for their funding of The Reading League Louisiana.

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