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Louisiana Reads! Parent Engagement

Welcome to Louisiana Reads!

Louisiana Reads! is a program branch of The Center for Literacy and Learning. This program seeks to promote at-home reading opportunities through literacy awareness, book distribution, and direct-service to families. Together, we aim to tackle literacy challenges through quality content delivery to caretakers of children, promotion of active parent engagement, and building community partnerships. The ultimate goal is to merge classroom instruction and practice with at-home learning guidance through reading.

In this digital library, there are a number of short videos and printable pages to help increase parents’ knowledge and confidence in language-based learning for their children and utilize read-aloud strategies to foster those learning opportunities. These strategies include how to guide the child through reading, how to interact with the book, how to ask questions throughout the book that has the child critically thinking, things that foster creativity, and connecting stories to real-life situations. Additionally, there are foundational reading skill learning supports.

We are partnering with the New Orleans Library System and the East Baton Rouge Public Libraries to provide easy access for each family to receive a library card. Visit your local library, or apply online at OR
Thank you to The RosaMary Foundation for its generous support to bring Louisiana Reads! NOLA and EBR to life.