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More with Less: A Proactive Approach to Address Labor Shortages

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Presented By: West Monroe

The labor shortage is very real and is not going away anytime soon. Considering cloning of workers has not been approved by the FDA, companies need to look internally at what they can do to improve their operations to increase efficiency. Automation is often thought of as the answer, but automation can be expensive and choosing the right solution for your operation can be difficult. There are many different ways to address the gap between demand and current production that don't require a large capital expense and this webinar will discuss a few of those options. Topics will include implementing best processes to minimize waste and employee down time, performance tracking to improve utilization, effective incentive plans and ensuring inventory is allocated correctly across your network to take advantage of labor capacity.

Webinar Objectives

  • Learn how to standardize processes to optimize productivity.
  • Improve utilization of workers through increased performance tracking and management.
  • Understand the tools available to optimize inventory in order to maximize labor availability.