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Engineered Self-Care Shapes a New Era for Consumer Health

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Learn how Engineered Self Care products will usher in a new era of Consumer Health.
Starting now and going forward, product development, including Rx to OTC Switch, and portfolio product improvement will include technology-powered and connected consumer support for safety, adherence, and appropriate use.
In partnership with a credentialed and comprehensive Health Technology Platform, future-focused Consumer Health organizations can act now:

  1. Rx to OTC Switch: switch the drug and the technology-powered Quality process for safety, adherence, and appropriate use
  2. Unlock Restricted Ingredients: leverage technology capabilities to improve the retail experience and open e-commerce channels
  3. Connected Care: add data-driven, personalized digital companionship for longitudinal connections with brand consumers across the portfolio
With the right Health Technology Platform partner, Consumer Health companies will transform self-care – making it more effective, affordable, and consumer-friendly – and, in doing so, will reverse undertreatment and improve health equity.
This session will outline the attributes of a qualified Health Technology Platform partner and will demonstrate the consumer experience of Engineered Self-Care.

Webinar Objectives
  • Learn about proven, technology-delivered, Quality processes now in the Rx domain that can be extended to support consumers in the nonprescription setting
  • Learn how incorporating connected capabilities into product development can meet FDA requirements for Rx to OTC Switch Conditions of Safe Use and unlock other product improvement opportunities across the portfolio
  • Explore actions that can be taken now to reverse undertreatment and improve health equity by making self-care a more accessible, effective, and longitudinal consumer experience


  • Mary Alice Lawless

    Mary Alice has 20 years of experience supporting Consumer Health
    across Rx to OTC Switch, Brand Innovation, Retail Health and Wellness,
    and Technology Integrations. Her vast experience in healthcare includes pharma, medical device, consumer products, payers, providers and healthcare IT. She has led the development of Biograph by Amwell for Engineered Self Care. Her mission is to make a meaningful contribution toward reversing undertreatment and improving health equity for all.

  • John Jesser

    John leads Amwell’s Clinical Solutions with a focus on building, partnering and expanding the Amwell platform for improved outcomes across the healthcare spectrum. The Biograph by Amwell is a demonstration of partnership to improve care and outcomes. Prior to joining Amwell, John served 24 years at Anthem in various roles, including as President of LiveHealth Online. There, he led various innovations to improve the affordability and quality of health care, the consumer experience and access to care.

  • John O’Mullane, PhD

    Dr.O’Mullane is an innovation leader with both the vision and experience to guide scientific strategy for Biograph by Amwell. Over his career, Dr. O’Mullane has led innovation and R&D initiatives across all the significant consumer healthcare categories and across all the various classifications, including OTC medicines, supplements, devices and cosmetic products. Dr. O’Mullane is passionate about making a difference by contributing his vast knowledge and experience to aid public health with nonprescription access.

  • Joe McGovern

    Joe is an accomplished healthcare industry executive with experience in the strategic management of global healthcare businesses, including portfolio management, product launches and Rx to OTC switches to advance nonprescription access. He led the launch of seven new prescription drugs and ten Rx to OTC switch projects around the globe.
    Joe leads strategy for Biograph by Amwell.

January 27, 2022
Thu 2:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

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