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Your dog ate what?! Managing pet exposures to healthcare products

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Pets are family. Just ask the 78 million pet owning households in the USA. Like young two-legged family members, pets get into things they shouldn't, including (and especially) consumer healthcare products. In addition to accidental exposures, pet owners also intentionally treat their pets with products meant for people without understanding the risk this can pose to their furry friends. Indeed, exposures to people's medications and supplements represent the most common call reported to Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 national animal poison control center, followed closely by consumer products such as household cleaners, pesticides, cosmetics, and personal care products. When pets are exposed to consumer products, panicked pet owners will contact manufacturers wanting to know if their pet is in danger of poisoning. Additionally, when pets fall ill, pet owners may conclude that consumer products are the cause and contact manufacturers demanding answers and monetary compensation. Join us to learn about best practice options for managing pet exposures to consumer healthcare products.

Webinar Objectives

  • Understand how manufacturers can prepare to manage pet exposures to their products that result in the best possible outcome for the pet, the pet owner, and their brand.
  • Learn about the consumer healthcare products that pose the greatest risk for poisoning in pets.
  • Find out how and why best practice companies competently manage pets' exposures to their products both internally and through outsourcing.