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Design Creativity Downstream: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency, Cost, and Consumer Experience

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Have you ever received a beautiful design from your Marketing and Packaging Engineering partners that was sure to capture the attention of consumers in every retail channel, but you struggled to find partners that could produce the final product within budget? For 30 years, QPSI has seen this nightmare scenario strain supply chain budgets. In this presentation, we'll share how we've developed a design team to offer functional designs that deliver against P&L and sustainability objectives while maintaining the consumer experience as it was originally designed.

Webinar Objectives
  • Showcase QPSI's Innovative Design Approach creating functional designs that align with both budgetary and sustainability goals.
  • Illustrate Cost-Effective Supply Chain Solutions.
  • Demonstrate how QPSI's approach helps alleviate the strain on supply chain budgets by ensuring that the designs produced not only capture consumer attention but are also cost-effective to produce and deliver.
  • Emphasize Maintaining the Consumer Experience throughout the production process, ensuring that the final product aligns with the original design vision while meeting business objectives.
Presented by Quality Packaging Specialist International.


  • Reuben Bell

    Reuben Bell is the President Quality Packaging Specialist International (QPSI) responsible for orchestrating the day-to-day operations and implementing the companies short and long-term strategies. Additionally, he will be responsible for developing and leading the strategic growth plan for the organization.

    Reuben has a strong track record of success with nearly 24 years of experience at Johnson & Johnson in both Customer Development and Supply Chain. Most recently he was the Senior Director of Global Deliver Value Chain with responsibility for eCommerce, Digital Strategy & Roadmap, and Advanced Customer Collaboration. Through his team’s leadership, a $30M multi-year Global investment plan was approved through the Executive Committee. While leading the Oral Care Franchise as the Director of Customer Strategy in North America, LISTERINE® enjoyed 11 consecutive months of share growth in a marketplace that has experienced unprecedented disruption by the emerging channels. Under his leadership, his team was also successful in driving profitability for the portfolio by championing Revenue Growth Management strategies, driving joint value creation for mass and e-retailers and the enterprise. Over the longevity of his career, Reuben has developed a diverse understanding of the needs of their customers their commercial partnerships with them. Reuben has a proven record of success as a collaborative partner in shaping strategy by working closely with all members of the team at every level of the organization.

  • Matthew Coon

    Matthew E. Coon is an accomplished Director with a wealth of experience in the packaging industry. He has a proven track record of spearheading innovation and growth for leading CPG companies. With a relentless focus on sustainability, cost-efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Matthew has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge packaging solutions. As the Director of Packaging Development at QPSI, he led the establishment of a new design department, achieving remarkable results with over $10 million in awarded business within the first year. With a comprehensive skill set that spans from structural design to project management, Matthew has consistently delivered excellence throughout his career. His ability to lead and inspire teams, combined with his visionary approach to packaging design, makes him a sought-after expert in the field. Matthew holds a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Design and is proficient in various design software and tools. His commitment to innovation was recognized with the QPSI 2022 Innovation Award, a testament to his significant contributions to technological advancements within the company. Matthew is driven by his mission to align packaging design with a company's core values and objectives, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for the industry.

  • Ryan Vanwright

    Ryan is the Vice President of Business Development and has been the leader of this challenging and vital role in April 2021. In this position, he is responsible for development and execution of our business development strategies with existing and new customers; in short, keeping the QPSI business funnel full and flowing.

    As the VP of Business Development, he has oversight of our sales and project management teams. In this capacity, Ryan adeptly combines an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of QPSI, with a passion for our business and obvious respect for the value of client confidence and trust.

    Prior to this role, Ryan worked in warehousing, quality, operations, project management, marketing, and most recently as a sales representative for QPSI. His widespread knowledge of internal QPSI operations and years of experience managing customer relationships has accelerated his growth within our organization.

October 17, 2023
Tue 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 0H 45M

This live web event has ended.

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