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Leadership Training Program - Series 1

"Leaders inspire others, they recognize opportunities, and they continually transform themselves." The IAM Leadership Training Program, developed by a team of IAM members, is a curated curriculum of essential content to build core leadership skills, including communication, strategic thinking, decision-making, team management, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). The leadership training program is for both seasoned and aspiring leaders looking to effect change personally and within their organizations.

IAM's Leadership Development Program will help existing and aspiring leaders:
  • Lead by example with ethics and integrity
  • Understand personal biases to exert the best possible influence
  • Improve communication methods and manage difficult conversations
  • Energize team members and optimize results
  • Bridge the diversity gap and harness the advantages of cultural differences
  • Develop critical thinking and execute decisions more effectively
  • Align goals to the organization's overall plan
  • Establish a vision and build a personal leadership development plan
  • Manage "up" by cultivating an effective relationship with the boss, partner, or business owner

Series One is 15 hours of the presented material.
Important Note:  All Enrollees must finish this course material by May 31, 2024 regardless of enrollment date.

Completion of this course earns 20 IAM Continuing Education Credits.