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IAM Learning

Welcome to IAM Learning

IAM Learning is the professional staff development initiative of the International Association of Movers. IAM Learning is devoted to developing shared resources which promote connectivity between members and make collaboration more efficient. The primary objectives of IAM Learning are to:

  • Promote connectivity and improve efficiency by developing and promoting industry standards through common training resources;
  • Assist members with orientation and onboarding of new staff (reduce staff turnover);
  • Promote industry-recognized, competency-based credentials;
  • Contribute to industry-wide continuous quality improvement;
  • Improve public perception and the professional image of our industry; and
  • Assist in defining career paths for industry professionals.

The IAMTrusted Moving Company Training Course

IAMTrusted Moving Company Training Course

The IAMTrusted Moving Company (“ITMC“) designation recognizes IAM member companies that have made significant investments in their business to promote a culture of competence, knowledge, and conscientiousness within their staff and wish to display a tangible commitment of their trustworthiness to their industry colleagues. These companies also wish to reduce inefficiency and risk by choosing to collaborate with their peers who have also made this same commitment by earning their ITMC credentials.  Learn about the IAMTrusted Moving Company Program, IAM Code of Ethics and the IAM Issue Resolution System in this course.

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Live Webcast - Dec. 6, 2022 - 11 AM Eastern Time

IAMTrusted Moving Company - Professionalism Assured

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Our business relies on our ability to collaborate with service partners operating to professionally expected standards. This system, built on experience and trust, works remarkably well. Most transactions flow seamlessly without formal contracts, but the few exceptions create tremendous friction, inefficiency and financial risk for the industry. Find out how the IAMTrusted Moving Company brand assures professional conduct and prompt issue resolution between IAM industry partners.  Join Abhilash Nair of ISS Relocations, Frank Youmans of Elizabeth's Moving & Storage, Francesco Argiro of Bliss Corporation, Brian Limperopulos of the IAM and Ray daSilva of Mobility Exchange.

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The IAM Professional Staff Development Program

The International Association of Movers (IAM) represents more than 2,000 companies in over 170 countries that engage in the business of moving, relocation, logistics and mobility services. We have distilled lifetimes of experience in the business to bring your company the best training resources the industry has to offer.

IAM Learning is a professional development initiative designed to help train and educate the employees of our member companies, while shifting the burden of training time and resources from your experienced, productive employees. IAM Learning can help decrease your on-boarding time for new employees and boost the skills, competencies, and productivity of your work force.

The IAM welcomes member involvement by industry Subject Matter Experts. Please contact