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IAM Knowledge Base 1

The IAM Knowledge Base can be described as an open, self-serve, library of best practice resources shared by IAM Members for the benefit of the professional moving industry and its customers.

Rather than having the IAM try to determine the best method for packing and preparing a Flat Panel TV, for example, we thought it would be better to allow our members to submit examples of their best practices. This way, we can include versions from different regions to reflect variances in materials and methods.

We invite IAM Members to submit training videos and other resources for possible inclusion in the IAM Knowlege Base. Please note that the IAM will have complete editorial control over content. By agreeing to share content, your company provides permission for the content to be edited for use in the IAM Knowledge Base.

While we will give your company credit and allow branding in the content, blatant advertising messages are discouraged and may cause the content to be edited or not be included in the Sharing Center at all.

We invite our IAM Supplier Members to participate in their respective areas of expertise.

Each section will have a discussion forum where members can comment and provide suggestions.