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MCTP 6 - Review & Final Assessment

This course reviews the information covered in the first 5 courses of the Move Coordinator  Training Program.  A Final Assessment is included.  Upon successful completion of the 5 prerequisite courses and this Final Assessment, a Certificate of Achievement for Completion of the Move Coordinator Training Program will be presented.  Sections include:  

  • Final Review
  • Final Assessment

This Final Review and Final Assessment are only meant to be taken after completing the prerequisite 5 courses which comprise the Move Coordinator Training Program.  It has been priced at $250 for IAM Members because purchase of this Final Review and Final Assessment will automatically provide you with access to the entire bundle which includes the 5 prerequisite courses.  Be sure to purchase the bundle by clicking this link.

If you have already purchased all 5 of the prerequisite courses separately, please contact us and we will make arrangements so that you can purchase this Final Review and Final Assessment for $50.

About the Course Instructor
Ray daSilva started his career in the moving industry as a military moving consultant in Anchorage, Alaska in 1978. Ray quickly advanced to sales, managerial and executive roles at some of the industry’s leading companies including 23 years at the Crown Worldwide Group.

His experience has included designing and implementing innovative learning and professional development programs.

He currently resides in Washington, DC where he is President of Mobility Exchange LLC, a strategic consulting and technology company focused on serving the moving, relocation and mobility services industries.