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RSTP 1 - Residential Sales - The Pre-Move Survey

The Residential Sales Program is designed as an introduction to Move Consulting.  It covers:
  • Pre-Move Survey
  • Confirmation & Completion of Customer Needs Analysis
  • Options Review & Recommendation
  • Costing & Pricing Analysis
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Proposal Presentation
  • Follow-Up & Sales Resolution
  • Processing Acceptance & Confirmation
  • Scheduling
  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Customer Satisfaction Follow-Up
  • Sales Prospecting & Referral Relationship Management
This first course in the program covers the Introduction & Pre-Move Survey

This course is one part of the 6 part Residential Sales Training Program. Learners who successfully complete the 6 part program will receive a Certificate of Achievement for the Training Program. IAM Members may purchase each course for US$50 each or purchase the Program Bundle for a discounted US$250.

Please note that access to the course will expire 180 days after you purchase the course or bundle.

This training program requires responses to essay assignments that are designed to test your knowledge and retention of the course materials.  They are also designed to assess your writing skills, presentation and attention to detail. 

While we encourage online research and use of available tools, we do not permit copying and pasting directly from sources including AI tools like ChatGPT.  We also encourage collaboration and discussion with your colleagues but copying and pasting assignments is not permitted.