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IAMTrusted Personal Credentials


The International Association of Movers is a Trade Organization with a worldwide membership of over 2000 companies primarily engaged in moving, relocation and mobility-related services. IAM’s strength is in the thousands of industry professionals who each plays a significant role in their company’s success.

Recognizing that the industry professional is every company’s most valuable asset, the IAM set out to create the IAMTrusted Personal Credentialing Program. IAM Learning, the IAM’s online learning platform, launched in 2018 was the first step. Encouraging employees to engage in independent learning, in their own time and at their own pace, IAM Learning provides an invaluable opportunity for self-improvement and career advancement.

Now, the IAM through its IAMTrusted Personal Credentialing Program is ready to award the following designations to individuals who have satisfactorily met the respective IAM Learning-established criteria and who continue to demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth:

The program includes the following designations:

The requirements to earn and maintain each designation are detailed in the respective credential page.

IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX), the Universal Directory for the moving, relocation and mobility services industry which has Personal Credentials as one of its Search filters, provides a ready opportunity for industry professionals to display their designations.

With the individual credential pages, participating IAM member companies can benefit from the IAMTrusted Personal Credentialing Program in targeting and tracking the professional staff development plans for their team members.