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IAM Online Management Forum

The IAM Management Training Forum incorporates the training content of the 60 Minute CFO - Financial Disciplines for Movers with scheduled live online forum sessions. As you go through the 15 sections of the Financial Disciplines for Movers course, you will participate in a series of live forum sessions with other industry managers to discuss not only the financial and management principals covered in the respective sections but also share how these principals practically relate to your business in today's business environment.

The live online sessions will be facilitated by author, David Duryee, as well as the course designers Tracy Bech. Ray daSilva and featured guest industry subject matter experts. The format of the forum provides direct access to these industry experts as well as the opportunity to network with the other course participants.  

Read an in-depth description of the program:  IAM Management Forums Resource Page.

The IAM Management Training Forum course fee includes the cost of the Financial Disciplines for Movers course, as well as a copy of the 60 Minute CFO book (in digital or hardcopy format). In addition, it includes an option to nominate a second person as an alternate that can attend the forum sessions for all or for selected sessions. The cost of nominating an alternate is just the cost of the 60 Minute CFO Online Course.

Forum particpants may designate a second executive from their company to participate in the sessions. Seconds must also complete the online Financial Disciplines Coursework as scheduled. Seconds are invited to participate in all the Forum sessions and are able to stand-in for the primary participant in the event of unavoidable scheduling conflicts.

The enrollment fee for the Second will be 25% of the applicable enrollment fee for the primary participant.  Use Coupon Code:  IAMMF2 when checking out.  

Primary and Secondary Enrollees who have already purchased the Financial Disciplines Course are entitled to a $300 Discount.  Use Coupon Code:  60FD when checking out.