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The Power of Gender Collaboration, Part 1

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  • David Smith, PhD

    David Smith, PhD, is co-author of the book, Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace and an Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. A former Navy pilot, Dr. Smith led diverse organizations of women and men culminating in command of a squadron in combat and flew more than 3,000 hours over 30 years including combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a sociologist trained in military sociology and social psychology, he focuses his research in gender, work, and family issues including gender bias in performance evaluations, dual career families, military families, women in the military, and retention of women. He is the co-author of Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women and numerous journal articles and book chapters that focus on gender and the workplace. Learn more about David at:

  • W. Brad Johnson, PhD

    W. Brad Johnson, PhD is Professor of psychology in the Department of Leadership, Ethics and Law at the United States Naval Academy, and a Faculty Associate in the Graduate School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. A clinical psychologist, Dr. Johnson is a mentoring expert specializing in developing gender-inclusive mentoring cultures for organizations around the globe. Dr. Johnson is the author of numerous publications including 14 books, in the areas of mentoring, professional ethics, gender inclusion. Recent books include: Good Guys: How Men Can Become Better Allies for Women in the Workplace, Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women (both with David Smith) and the Elements of Mentoring 3rd Ed. (with Charles Ridley).

  • Georgia Angell

    Georgia served as Chairperson of the International Association of Movers Executive Committee from 2003-2007, after being a member of the committee for several years. She was the first woman elected to the organization’s chairmanship in its 41-year history. Georgia also chaired both the Accessorial Services Committee and the Claims Committee and was a member of the Commercial Affairs Committee.

    She returned to the executive committee in 2015, chairing the Technology & Communications Committee which focused on the military DPS system and IAM Data Collections and Analytics. She is currently a member of the Government and Congressional Affairs Committee, Budget & Finance Committee along with a member of the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Board.

    Georgia has contributed to the development of IAM Learning, the association’s initiatives to enhance communications with members. IAM Technology Partnership, The Shipper’s Guide, the Code of Ethics, the expansion of the Association Member’s Management Board, the Receivable Protection Plan and the Hall of Honor. She has hosted many Learning Labs on How To Network Like A Pro.

  • Tim Helenthal

    Chairman & CEO National Van Lines

    Helping customers move their memories is what we do best. Our approach to our business is to "Be flexible. Be honest. Be better."

    We strive to be flexible in every situation and find alternatives that work for all stakeholders. Flexibility is the key to empowering our organization and our employees to truly take ownership of the company.

    Being honest requires not only a commitment to doing the right thing, but also a terrific amount of courage in our day to day dealings with others. Honesty in our work relationships prevents walls being built that hamper organizational and personal effectiveness.

    Being better requires us to constantly strive to improve ourselves personally and professionally. Only through continuous improvement will we find success.

August 25, 2021
Wed 11:00 AM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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