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Globally Connected, Mindfully Stable: Achieving Work-Life Harmony in the World of Moving


This webinar is designed to help companies enhance their talent retention. By focusing on employee morale, organizations can positively impact their overall ecosystem. Much like a natural ecosystem, imbalance within a company can lead to dysfunction, impacting employee satisfaction, operational results, efficiency, and overall reputation. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a virtuous cycle by addressing these imbalances and gaining a deeper understanding of the company's environment beyond mere figures, competition, and market dynamics. Join us for an engaging session where participants will explore strategies for creating a more balanced and thriving workplace.


  • Cécile Lammer

    Founder & CEO
    Cécile Lammer is the CEO and founder of Ceicia; an organization dedicated to supporting employees and companies to work in harmony and build a logic of continuous improvement. Ceicia's programs greatly contribute to improving the effectiveness and well-being at work as well as co-creating a peaceful environment.

May 29, 2024
Wed 10:00 AM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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