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International Healthcare Education

Welcome to the IHE Learning Center

CE/CME for Continuous Improvement in Health Outcomes 
Our mission is to improve patient care and outcomes by providing key healthcare stakeholders, including interprofessional care teams, patients, and patient caregivers and advocates, with relevant, high-quality, evidence-based clinical information and resources. We work toward fulfilling this mission using a two-pronged approach.

1. We develop and distribute continuing education/continuing medical education (CE/CME) activities geared toward the interprofessional care team. Our activities are guided by key opinion leaders and designed to increase healthcare providers' knowledge, competence, performance, and confidence on important clinical topics as they navigate ever-changing treatment landscapes and increasingly complex healthcare environments. Our activities take a variety of text-and video-based formats to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs, making them accessible to more learners.

2. We pair our CE/CME activities with appropriate patient and caregiver education/resources whenever possible. We recognize that patients and caregivers are essential in the education equation but are often overlooked due to lack of time or resources. This can lead them to encounter misinformation in their quest for information. We strive to facilitate healthcare providers' efforts to educate their patients by pairing our CE/CME activities with evidence-based, practical resources, such as handouts, videos, and other educational materials, they can confidently share with their patients and/or caregivers to inform and empower them on their healthcare journey.