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ADR Series: Valuing Your Client's Case (course 1 of 6)

Preparing for Mediation & Settlement by Valuing Your Client’s Case


In order to meet your professional obligations, during the pendency of any case, you must constantly assess for yourself and the client the value of the case. That is particularly important when you prepare for settlement discussions and mediation because, in essence, you will be discussing the purchase and sale of a lawsuit. This presentation addresses that key element. We will help you assess the net present value of your client’s case to set a range and a limit on negotiation for the facilitated discussion that is mediation.


Members and Alumni: $30
Non-members: $45

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand concepts of judgment and cognitive bias
  • Learn how to improve judgment
  • Be able to put yourself and your client in the other side’s shoes
  • Recognize that you must budget for attorney's fees and costs
  • Realize the importance of research and assessing risk
  • Know the formula for calculating the Net Present Value of your case


This program is designed to be eligible for 1 CLE hour of ethics.
  • It has been approved in Pennsylvania.
  • It has been approved in Tennessee.
  • Florida attorneys can self-report.
In these jurisdictions, CLE must be reported by the sponsor. We generally try to report at the end of the month, but sometimes it spills to the start of the next month. To receive CLE credit in approved jurisdictions, you will need to:
  • Complete the Knowledge Check.
  • Fill out the (5 minute long) evaluation.
We report based on certificates earned, so if you do not earn a certificate, we will not know to report your participation.

If you are self-reporting in other jurisdictions:
  • Print out your personalized certificate (tied to the submission of the evaluation).
  • Download the course description and faculty bios document.
  • Self-report your attendance by submitting the appropriate jurisdictional forms along with these documents to your CLE body; please let us know if they require anything additional.
Please visit our Resource Library for specifics on other jurisdictions or check your state bar's website for instructions on attorney self-reporting.

If you are unsure if your state has been approved or have any questions, please contact us before taking the time to purchase and complete this program!