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ADR Series: All Six Courses

Alternative Dispute Resolution Series


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and settlement are the dominant processes for resolving both litigated and arbitrated cases. Both seasoned professionals and new litigators must assess the risks faced by their clients, develop strategies for the best and least costly outcomes, and counsel clients on the possibilities of settlement, mediation, and arbitration as methods for resolving disputes.

In many court systems, mediation and arbitration are part of the court processes, and they must be considered everywhere in evaluating and then managing outcomes. This series is designed to build and enhance these skills while simultaneously fostering American Inns of Court ideals of professionalism and civility.

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Per program (see above):
  • Members and Alumni: $30
  • Non-members: $45
ADR Bundle (six programs):
  • Members and Alumni: $144
  • Non-members: $216
Mediation Bundle (3 programs):
  • Members and Alumni: $72
  • Non-members: $108
Arbitration Bundle (3 programs):
  • Members and Alumni: $72
  • Non-members: $108

Each course in the series is valid for one hour of CLE credit in most jurisdictions.