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ADR Series: Advocacy at the Beginning of an Arbitration

Advocacy at the Beginning of an Arbitration


Advocacy in arbitration requires changing perspective. Arbitration is not litigation. Good advocacy, particularly at the beginning of an arbitration, will help to create the governing roadmap that will mark the boundaries and scope of the proceeding and establish many aspects of the evidentiary hearing. From the beginning, good arbitration advocacy means considering confidentiality orders and appropriate technology protocols. This presentation highlights these strategic considerations to help you and your clients realize the promise of arbitration — a fair, cost-effective, and expeditious way to resolve disputes.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Using arbitration pleadings strategically
  • Preparing for the preliminary hearing
  • Recognizing the impact of choosing a reasoned or standard final award
  • Appreciating the scope of confidentiality in arbitration
  • Understanding appropriate technology protocols


  • Margarita Echevarria
  • Laura Kaster
  • Suzanne McSorley

CLE Eligibility

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  • Non-members: $45
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