As a transportation professional, you know that maintaining your skills is critical to your professional development and career success. ITE’s Learning Hub is your gateway to training resources to build and develop your skills or refresh existing ones. Its offerings delivers the knowledge you need to have to keep transportation moving including:

    • Live and Archived On-demand Webinars designed specifically to meet the individual objectives of transportation professionals; providing you with access to the latest trend in transportation, fundamental knowledge, skill- and career-building topics;
    • ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) Recordings that offer a limited time opportunity to catch up on a recently held webinar or the chance to listen to a webinar version of selected sessions from an ITE live meeting;
    • Course Bundles that offer groupings of live and/or on-demand webinars designed around a specific topic or theme;
    • Monthly Podcasts featuring conversations with thought leaders in transportation; and
    • Certification Preparation Resources such as ITE's PTOE/PTP Refresher Courses and Practice Exams.

    ITE has launched a new Learning Management System. Scroll down to learn more. 

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    Introducing the
    New Learning Management System Features and Functionality
    ITE is pleased to announce the launch of our new learning management system (LMS). This new LMS provides you with greater functionality and an enhanced user capability that ultimately maximizes your educational experience in the ITE Learning Hub. To access the new LMS, go to https://www.pathlms.com/ite or click on Learning Hub from the ITE homepage.

    Below is a list of some of the functionalities of the new LMS. Please note that many of the functionalities require you that sign in with your ITE member credentials. The sign in is located on the right side of the top navigation menu once access the LMS.

    • An easy at-a-glance webinar calendar. Clicking on “Events” from the top navigation menu provides a calendar of all upcoming webinars. The description of each webinar includes a description, learning objectives, speaker information, the duration, and PDH credit hours. You can also click to register for this webinar.
    • Search upcoming webinars by category, or key word. Click on “Courses” from the top navigation menu to search upcoming webinars by category. Search by key word (i.e. date, month, topic, webinar title, ITE category, presenter, etc.) in the upper right hand corner.
    • All information about webinars in one area. The “Course” description contains detailed information about each webinar, including pricing. In addition, this is the area where you can access post-webinar evaluations and certificates.
    • Quickly identify webinars for which you’ve registered. If you are signed in with your ITE member credentials, a “registered” banner also appears in the upper right hand corner of individual webinars listed in the Events or Course section of the LMS.
    • Continued Access to the Professional Development Record Keeping System. You can continue to access the professional development record keeping system by clicking on the “Student Record Keeping System” from the top navigation menu.
    • Find webinar handouts easily. You can find any handouts for upcoming live webinars by selecting the event and clicking the "Resources" tab. Resources are uploaded approximately 24 hours in advanced of an event.
    • Access to archived web events. Registrants for all live web event will receive access to the webinar recording for 30 days following the event, unless otherwise noted. Individuals who did not register for a live webinar, will be able to purchase the archived web event to access the recording and associated materials. Recordings are uploaded by the following business day at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
    • Have ease of mind when joining a purchased live web event. You will receive a confirmation email and reminder emails consistently from ITE (pdinfo@ite.org) for any live web events that you register for. On the day of the webinar, sign in to the ITE Learning Hub using your ITE Member login ID and password to join the live web event that you purchased. A "Join Live Web Event" button will appear 30 minutes before the specified start time. 
    • Track your training in real time. Track your progress and status for any live or on-demand webinars purchased by logging in to the Learning Hub and clicking your name in the upper right hand corner to view your account activity.
As an incentive for you to try the new LMS, ITE is offering a 30% discount off the purchase of an individual webinar (live or on-demand) during the month of May. The webinar does not need to take place during May to qualify and does not include PTOE and PTP refresher courses or practice exams. If you participated in the HCM6 webinar series, watch your inbox for a special promotion. To use this discount, login into the new LMS and enter promo code ITEnewLMS during checkout.

Please note: The ITE Learning Hub is continuously being updated with new offerings and recordings of past live web events. We have uploaded the PTOE refresher course for your access, however, we will be uploading the PTOE practice exam and the PTP refresher course and practice exam over the next couple of days. We are moving student records over from the previous LMS to the new LMS over the coming weeks. If you need access to our previous LMS, you can login here until June 15th. For those who have asked about the HCM 6 Webinar Series, once we have transferred all PTOE/PTP Certification Resources, we will begin uploading the HCM 6 Webinar Series Recordings for your access.

Did you recently purchase an on-demand webinar from our marketplace? You will have until June 15 to access these offerings in our old Learning Management System until they are transferred to our new Learning Management System or removed. If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Day, cday@ite.org. 

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