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Speed Management Noteworthy Practices


Brief Description:
This webinar will include presentations of noteworthy examples as well as interaction with participants to share local experiences. The webinar is part of a series of roundtable conversations to support FHWA's effort to identify, develop, and promote speed management noteworthy practices carried out by States/locals for reducing speeding related fatalities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn and discuss approaches to speed management
  • Noteworthy speed management practices will be presented from agency policy, to setting speed limits, installing countermeasures, through enforcement and outreach
  • Participants will have an opportunity to interact through providing comments, questions, and to share their own speed management positive and negative experiences
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  • Shauna Hallmark, Senior Engineer/Planner | President, Streetwise Transportation Consultants

    Shauna Hallmark is the President of Streetwise Transportation Consultants. Additionally she is the director for the Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University. She has served as principal investigator for more than 58 research projects over 17 years for a wide range of sponsors including the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Strategic Highway Research Program, NCHRP, Iowa DOT, Minnesota Local Road Research Board, Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB), and FHWA. Hallmark has conducted a number of research projects which have assessed the impact of speed management strategies at rural transition zones. Additionally she has developed a number of workbooks and tech briefs related to rural speed management including a toolbox to address speed management in rural communities; a synthesis of speed management techniques in work zones; and a speed management ePrimer for rural transition zones and town centers.

  • Neal Hawkins, Associate Director, Institute for Transportation, Iowa State University

    Mr. Hawkins has 30 years of experience in traffic engineering, operations, and safety and serves a number of research and leadership roles at the Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University (InTrans). He has served as the Director for two centers, CTRE (Center for Transportation Research and Education) and CWIMS (Center for the Weather Impacts on Mobility and Safety), and is an adjunct lecturer. In addition, Mr. Hawkins has a unique role in serving as the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Research Traffic Operations Engineer. He also serves as PI and/or Co-PI on a number of Safety, Operations, and Infrastructure related projects and recently developed the CTRE Real Time Analytics of Transportation Data (REACTOR) Laboratory which is a multi-disciplinary research endeavor. Neal continues to work at the national level managing an 18 agency pooled fund on Road Weather Information Systems. He is a fellow of ITE and past MOVITE president.

June 13, 2019
Thu 3:00 PM EDT

Duration 2H 0M

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