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Smart Columbus Program: Smart Mobility Hubs (SMH) ICD and SDD Webinar

City of Columbus Smart Columbus Program Management Office and ITE host this free webinar on the Smart Columbus Smart Mobility Hubs project. 

Webinar Description:
This webinar will focus on the SMH project’s Interface Control and System Design Documents (ICD and SDD). These systems engineering documents were published in the Spring of 2019.

The Interface Control Document describes the relationship between the designated SMH facilities, and the respective functionality being added through the hardware and software at each facility. The ICD provides a concept for how each interface to and from the SMH should operate, defines the message structure and protocols that govern the interchange of data, and identifies the communication paths along which the project team expects data to flow. For each interface, the ICD provides the following information:

  • A general description of the interface
  • A description of the data exchange format and protocol for exchange
  • Estimated size and frequency of data exchange
  • Assumptions where appropriate
The ICD is online and available for review and public comment here.
Comments can be emailed to Korina Depenhart at with the subject line Smart Mobility Hubs Comments

The Systems Design Document outlines details regarding the implementation of each hardware and software component that comprises the SMH. The document provides the concept for the system and summarizes the concerns that the design for the SMH had to address. Finally, the document gives detailed descriptions of the design elements for each amenity and a high-level summary of the capability each amenity provides to the traveler. Traceability back to user needs, requirements, and SMH system interfaces is included.

The SDD is online and available for review and public comment here.
Comments can be emailed to Korina Depenhart at with the subject line Smart Mobility Hubs Comments

Because the SDD also provides a consolidated view of the design each SMH facility from the viewpoint of the property owner as it relates to the construction planned for that location, the project team will also discuss efforts related to the installation of the smart mobility hubs and the relationship of these efforts to the ICD and SDD. These efforts include describing the process by which the interface requirements and detailed design were developed, an overview of the site installation plans, and the role of the property owners where the hubs are installed and how they supported the project team.

The webinar will conclude with a presentation of the lessons learned by the project team as they created these engineering documents.

  • Andrew Wolpert, P.E. – City of Columbus; Deputy Program Manager for City of Columbus
  • Jeffrey Kupko, P.E., PTOE – Michael Baker International; Project Manager for the City of Columbus SMH Project
  • Jessica Baker, SEP – HNTB; Systems Engineer for the SMH Project
  • Matt Graf, P.E. – HNTB; Civil Engineer for the SMH project

No Charge
This fee includes a live web event, an archived recording, webinar evaluation, 1.0 PDH credits and a certificate of completion.

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How to earn PDH Credit
The certificate of completion and 1.5 PDH credits will be made available to the registrant after you have attended the webinar and the evaluation has been completed.

Recordings are available for 30 days following the day of the live event for anyone who registers for the course. Additional attendees at one location are not eligible to earn PDH credit for viewing an archived recording.