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Introducing ITE's Trip Generation Manual 10th Edition Supplement

Webinar Description:
The webinar presents the key elements of ITE’s Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition Supplement. The topics covered include an overview of the significantly expanded database including a description of walk, bicycle, transit, motor vehicle, and truck trip generation and characteristics associated with an individual development site or land use. Also covered is a description of the expanded database including a new land use (affordable housing) and significantly expanded data sets for the high-cube warehouse land uses. The webinar also provides a live demonstration of the updated ITETripGen web app that enables the analyst access to the full ITE trip generation database for specialized analysis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the new elements of the Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition Supplement including the new and updated land uses 
  • Learn how to estimate walk, bicycle, transit, motor vehicle and truck trip generation for multiple land uses
  • Understand use of the ITETripGen web app to create multi-modal trip generation data plots and statistics
  • Understand use of the ITETripGen web app to filter data by mode, age of data, region, and size of independent variable
Kevin Hooper, Strategic Projects | Institute of Transportation Engineers

Lisa M. Fontana Tierney, P.E., Traffic Engineering Senior Director | Institute of Transportation Engineers

No Charge to Register for the webinar
Registration for webinar includes a live web event and an archived recording with access for 30 days to each registrant and a webinar evaluation that provides a certificate of completion only.

New Policy: Once this webinar recording is made available on-demand it will have a shelf life of 60 days to view before it is archived.