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Roundabout Education and Enforcement of Operations in the United States

This webinar is led by the ITE Roundabout Committee.

Webinar Description:

This webinar provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn about education and enforcement of modern roundabout operations, with an overview of state laws and education, and a local owner and police chief perspective. The webinar will begin a review of current laws and education opportunities for roundabout operations for the general public, across many states and to understand how to best inform the driving public how to use roundabouts. The owner perspective will be provided for a roundabout corridor project with construction and normal operations as well as traffic enforcement. Finally, a former police chief will provide a review of the typical enforcement operations for police officers monitoring and patrolling roundabouts. Q&A will follow each of the presenters.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current motor vehicle laws and education of drivers as well as how roundabout operations are enforced.
  • Recognize how the laws are applied, how the driving public is educated on roundabout operations with some typical enforcements of roundabout operations review.
  • Participants will be able to understand how to consider the laws in their state, education of drivers and expected enforcement actions.
  • Jonathan French, P.E., Engineering Data Manager | Maine DOT | Augusta, ME, United States
  • Joe LaCava, San Diego City Councilmember District 1 | City of San Diego | San, Diego, CA, United States
  • Gary MacNamara, Chief/Executive Director of Public Safety & Government Affairs | Sacred Heart University | Fairfield, CT, United States
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