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Multimodal Performance - How the HCM6 can Support Complete Streets Analyses

The Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) 6th Edition incorporates the results of millions of dollars of national, peer-reviewed research that has occurred since the publication of the HCM 2010. This edition of the HCM introduces a number of new capabilities, including travel time reliability forecasting, alternative intersections analysis, managed lane analysis, and work zone analysis. It also updates a number of existing methodologies, including those for freeway facilities and roundabouts.

The HCM is commonly used by transportation agencies to evaluate the current or forecast operations of roadway facilities. However, it is less well known that the HCM can also be used to cost-effectively and reliably support agencies’ planning, programming, and management decisions. The new Planning and Preliminary Engineering Applications Guide to the HCM (“Guide”) was developed in parallel with the HCM 6th Edition to demonstrate how HCM methods can be adapted to the larger study areas and less-precise, less-available data typical of planning and preliminary engineering studies. This webinar will explore the contents of the Guide, and will illustrate through case studies how back-of-the-envelope methods and simple spreadsheets can be applied to a variety of planning studies. The Guide’s methods support quick, objective analyses whose results with be consistent with those of more-detailed HCM operational analyses occurring at a later stage of project development.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the range of potential urban street analysis types that the HCM supports
  • Identify the urban street performance measures that the HCM can estimate, by mode and system element
  • Learn about potential applications of the HCM’s multimodal urban streets method to actual projects
Instructors' Names, Bios and PDF Presentations can be found by clicking the recording link below. Once you click the recording below, click the "resources" tab to locate the PDF (after purchasing).