Creating Great Communities Through Transportation; Not Transportation Through Communities

This webinar series is intended to demonstrate a more inclusive and collaborative dialogue between transportation professionals, other professions, and the community that they are serving. The series will provide a framework for a new way of thinking—a new vision for transportation professionals to create great streets and communities where people of all ages and abilities can thrive. This 4-part series will delve into approaches focused on human-scale design and human interaction between streets through art, space, speed, and services.

1.Starting the Conversation: Transportation as Art & Science
2. Street Space — Not just for moving Cars
3. Moving People — Steady, Slower, Smarter, and Safer
4.Transportation Services: New Concepts and Tools

Click each of the sections below to read individual webinar descriptions, learning objectives, and presenter information as they become available. Dates are also provided below. 

1st Webinar: Free (ITE members); $49 (non-members)
Remaining Individual Webinars: $99 (ITE members); $149 (non-members)
ntire 4-part Course can be purchased for $249 (ITE member); $399 (non-member)

Additional Attendees at one Location:
Additional Live Webinar Attendees at one location are eligible for earning credit for attending. There is a processing fee of $15 members/$25 non-members. Additional instructions coming soon.

Recordings of all webinars are available with the purchase of the series. Multiple attendees at one location that view the recording are not eligible for PDH credits.