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Street Space — Not just for Moving Cars (9/26/17)

Sprawling, auto-centric development patterns following WWII caused people to want to drive through Main Streets instead of going to them. Auto-centric city streets cause congestion and crashes and encourage dependence on auto-transportation. We need to steer clear of trying to build our way out of congestion with bigger, wider, and faster intersections and roadways. Instead, we need to focus on making streets safe for all modes of transport. Transportation professionals will learn about successful strategies to repurpose street space that accommodates all the various demands for use- cars, transit, parking, bikes, goods delivery, place-making.

Facilitator: Bryan Jones
Speakers: Matt Norris, Larry Marcus, Daniel Ashworth, and Matt Lewis

Click the Live Web Event below to read the Learning Objectives, and Presenter Detail.

This is part 2 of a 4 part webinar series titled, Creating Great Communities through Transportation; Not Transportation through Communities. Learn more about the entire series by clicking here.