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Specialist Certificate: Life Transitions

Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability. Whether positive or negative, life transitions can force us to adjust to new ways of living, being and working, at least temporarily. How to deal with life transitions can be quite challenging. This Track is designed to provide support, ideas and tools for PO’s/PC’s to help their clients face these challenges, either at home or work. This Track will strengthen your foundation and equip you with skills to share with your clients and skills for coping as you work through the transition. Choosing classes from each division will equip the residential organizer with a well-rounded diversity of knowledge:
  • The Core classes focus on factors affecting the development and management of your business.
  • The Client Interaction classes focus on ways in which you inter-personally relate to your clients through recognition and boundaries and help you to connect with your clients to provide a teaching environment.
  • The Skills classes offer a variety of subjects to sharpen already present skill-sets or to add new tools to your toolbox to expand your marketability.

Course Requirements

You must be a NAPO Professional Member to obtain a Specialist Certificate.
You must complete a minimum of eight (8) courses in the following:

Additional Course Information
  • Some courses are also listed on the Workplace Productivity and Residential Organizing Specialist Certificate Tracks. Two of the courses may be applied to two  tracks - usually the client interaction courses. 
  • To qualify, courses must have been taken within a 2-year window, prior to submitting your NAPO Specialist Certificate application.

Code Words
In the attached Tracking Worksheet, you're instructed to add code words. Not all classes contain code words, but most of them do. Feel free to leave blank those classes which do not have code words.

Applying for Your Certificate
To Obtain Your Certificate
  • Complete the required specialist certificate courses
  • Complete the NAPO Specialist Certificate application located below.
  • You must be a Professional Member in good standing at the time of application.

Application Review
Your application will be reviewed. If the NAPO Specialist Certificate requirements are met, you will be sent your NAPO Specialist Certificate digital web badge from AH Validation Services.

Note: Your completed application for the NAPO Specialist Certificate is subject to detailed audit.