Business Resources Track

In order to provide a new or seasoned business owner with the fundamentals and tools necessary to start, grow or adjust your business, NAPO has created the Business Resources Track. The Education Committee has developed this curated list from NAPO-U to help you create a thriving, sustainable business. Whether you need to learn new skills or fill in knowledge gaps, you’ll gain fresh perspectives in marketing, administration, client relationships, strategic thinking and more. Investing in these courses will expand your skills and help you develop a professional mindset.

The classes have been grouped into key business categories so you can take them based on your needs. While some of the material is geared towards working with clients, much can be gained by applying these concepts and tools to your own business. This Track does not offer its own Specialist Certificate, however, the classes in red are applicable to the Residential and/or Workplace Productivity Certificates. The foundational classes include the three required courses (in blue) to become a Professional NAPO Member.


  • There are no Specialist Certificate Badges earned for this track.
  • A member can choose to take any of the classes they desire. This track is meant to be a resource for any areas one might be lacking in one’s business entrepreneurial knowledge.
  • Classes highlighted in blue can count towards the Specialist Certificate Tracks.
  • Classes highlighted in red are the three required courses to transition from Provisional Member to Professional Member
Class Level:
  • PO1XX – 1+ year experience (beginner)
  • PO2XX – 2-5 years’ experience (intermediate)
  • PO3XX – 5+ years’ experience (advanced)
  • PO4XX – for everyone (general)
Foundational Classes
001 Introduction to Professional Organizing On-Demand (Live Webinar)
101 Fundamental Organizing and Productivity Principles On-Demand (Live Webinar)
102 Fundamental Organizing and Productivity Skills (Live Webinar)
103 Ethics for Professional Organizers and Productivity Specialists (Live Webinar)

104 Starting an Organizing and Productivity Business On-Demand (Live Webinar)
105 Starting Out as a Residential Organizer

Professional Mindset
409 The Third Factor: The Mindset for High Performance Leadership
410 Imperfection Rules! Creative Ways to Run Your Business
411 The Power to Say No So You Can Say Yes to What Matters
412 How to Work On Not In your Business

217 Show Me the Money! Money Mindset and & Pricing Strategies
219 How to be an Independent Contractor
307 Profit & Add Value with Online Training

308 Boost Your Brand and Business with Video Marketing
413 Content Marketing: Blogging Tips for Your Small Business
414 Media Magnet
415 Rock Your Content

206 Project Management for Professional Organizers
207 Client Intake Interviews
218 Transparent Power: Improve Client Outcomes through Direct Communication
403 Managing Client Expectations
416 Finding Flow: Understanding Your Client’s Style

Admin Solutions
111 Tech Solutions for Happier Clients
110 Going Paperless to Boost Productivity
204 Organizing Digital Information
404 Classic Time Management Systems