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CR 4-662 Space Planning for Professional Organizing (1-2)

Instructor: Darla DeMorrow
Total Time: 88 minutes
CEUs: 1.5
Conference Year: 2018

Course Description

Fall in love with an affordable (free!) floor plan & storage space design tool in this hands-on session. No graphic design experience needed! Get powerful client buy-in by offering 2D or 3D scale models of your organizing vision. Manipulate walls, windows, cabinets, furniture, color, and materials in customized designs. Apply solid design principles so your designs work well in the real world. Turn your tablet into a profit center. Plus, creating space plans is fun!

Learning Objectives

  1. Create a 2D space plan to scale for a client room that includes furniture and other organizing elements.
  2. Utilize good design principles to create spaces that would work in the real world.
  3. Manipulate items within the space plan in real time, to allow clients to have input into the design process.
  4. Turn the 2D design into a 3D rendering.

Code Words
Please be sure to listen for and record the code words given during the presentation. The instructor will explicitly verbalize code words periodically throughout the class (i.e. "The first code word is...") Note: Not all instructors give code words. If you do not hear any, please indicate "none given" on the course evaluation.