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Welded Connections: A Practical Primer for SEs

The Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI) and NCSEA have teamed up to deliver a brand new Web-Based Seminar for you on welding connections. This web-based Welding Seminar will be delivered over four weeks in four 2-hour webinars by one of the industry’s best and brightest minds, Duane Miller, P.E.

Welded connections are an essential part of today’s steel structures and yet many Structural Engineers have received little or no training on this important topic. This 4-week seminar will serve as a primer on welded connections, covering topics from the fundamentals to advanced subjects. Topics will include welding processes, applicable codes, basics of welded connections, principles of connection design, special welding applications, problems and fixes, and seismic welding considerations.

The registration fee for the Seminar is $295 for members ($500 for nonmembers), which includes all 8 hours of education. Each individual webinar can be purchased separately for $150 for members ($250 for nonmembers).

  • Purchase all 4 webinars in the Seminar and have access to the recordings for 1 Year.
  • Each seminar purchase is per person. 

Please note: These webinars are not included in the NCSEA Webinar Subscription.

Schedule of Events
Part 1 – Welding Processes and Welding Details

This two-part session overviews the major welding and thermal cutting processes used to fabricate and erect structural steel, with a focus on providing the engineer with a general understanding of the technology, advantages and limitations of common processes. Applicable welding standards are discussed, and basic joints and weld types are presented.

Part 2 – Principles of Welded Connection Design 

Twelve principles that apply to the design of effective welded connections are presented, explained and illustrated. When these principles are incorporated into structural designs and connection details, welded connections are dependable, economical and easy to make.

Part 3 – Special Welding Applications and Problems and Fixes 

This two-part presentation first deals with unusual welding applications with practical advice as to how to address unique situations not encountered every day. The second part deals with commonly encountered welding-related problems and supplies practical, easy to implement solutions to what might otherwise be a challenging situation.

Part 4 – Welded Connections for Seismic Service 

Based on AWS D1.8, AISC 341 and AISC 358, the welding-related issues associated with seismic applications are summarized, and a general overview of the AISC Prequalified Connections is presented with a focus on the welding issues associated with each prequalified detail.

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