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Guide to the Structural Evaluation of Existing Timber Structures, TFEC 3-2019


The Timber Frame Engineering Council in 2019 issued the first edition of Guide to Structural Evaluation of Existing Timber Structures to provide guidance to engineers and investigators engaged in repair, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of older timber structural systems. Much of this guide is also directly applicable to evaluating reclaimed timbers that have been salvaged from older timber structures. While the National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS) is a reliable standard for the structural design of new lumber and timber structures, it is not a good standard for predicting the actual behavior or adequacy of existing structures. This presentation will discuss this new guide, laying out acceptable practice for evaluation of existing structures and explaining why it is necessarily different than design of new lumber and timber structures. This approach enables the investigator to tap into the “hidden capacity” of the timber that accounts for the high level of performance of many timber structures.

  • Course will award 1.5 hours of continuing education
  • Diamond Review approved in all 50 states
  • This webinar will not be available as a recording.


  • Thomas E. Nehil, P.E.

    Tom Nehil, P.E., is a professional structural engineer in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he specializes in evaluation, preservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings. Tom is a member of the Timber Frame Engineering Council that is part of the Timber Framers Guild. He is also a member of the Michigan Barn Preservation Network, the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, the International Association of Wood Anatomists and the International Wood Collectors Society among other professional organizations.

  • Ron Anthony

    Ron Anthony received an M.S. in Wood Science and Technology from Colorado State University. His wood consulting activities have focused on assessment of timber structures, conducting workshops, and lecturing on wood properties and the use of wood in construction applications. Ron is a recipient of the James Marston Fitch Foundation Grant for his approach to evaluating wood in historic buildings; he is a Fellow in the Association for Preservation Technology International (APTI), and a recipient of APTI’s Harley J. McKee Award.

October 27, 2020
Tue 10:00 AM PDT

Duration 1H 30M

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