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07.25.17 | Nonstructural Components

Nonstructural damage has historically accounted for 25-50% of the damage observed in recent earthquakes in the United States. The requirements for seismic restraint of nonstructural components is not as clear in the building code as it should be. The purpose of this short class will be to assist the structural engineer in knowing when seismic restraint is required, and if it is required when seismic certification and/or special inspections should be provided. We will discuss the specific requirements for designated seismic systems and for seismic isolation systems. While most structural engineers are familiar with how to design the restraint and anchorage of nonstructural components, they often do not know what should be provided on the construction documents in order to comply with all of the code requirements.

  • Course will award 1.5 hours of continuing education
  • This course is Diamond Review approved in 49 states. New York does not accept hours from recordings.