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Resilience in a Structural Engineering Context Symposium

NCSEA is proud to deliver a brand new Web-Based Symposium for you on resilience. This web-based Resilience Symposium will be delivered over 3 weeks in three 1.5-hour webinars by some of the industry’s best and brightest minds.

Resilience depends on the ability to withstand anticipated hazards, recover functionality within a specified time frame, and to adapt to changing conditions. Built infrastructure plays a key role in community resilience; robust or tough infrastructure can withstand natural hazards and provide usable space to help communities recover. Therefore, buildings and infrastructure need to be designed not just for minimum life safety but also for functional recovery.

This symposium presents resilience as a concept and summarizes each of the primary natural hazards and how we treat them as structural engineers. We will explore what it means to contribute to community and built resilience and how to consider recovery in addition to safety when designing buildings and infrastructure. In addition to natural hazards, disruptive events represent a challenge for communities for which they must recover; we will present new thoughts about what it means to recover and how one might consider a community recovered in the face of changing conditions.

The registration fee for the Symposium is $295 for members ($500 for nonmembers), which includes all 4.5 hours of education. Each individual webinar can be purchased separately for $150 for members ($250 for nonmembers).

  • Purchase all 3 webinars in the Symposium and have access to the recordings for 1 Year.
  • Each seminar purchase is per office location. If your firm is operating remotely, please review the Webinar FAQ's on how to accommodate multiple users from the same location.
  • Attendees may be contacted by sponsors of this Series. You may opt-out of this by contacting

Please note: These webinars are not included in the NCSEA Webinar Subscription.