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Mega-Fundraising with Volunteers

Imagine yourself sitting in the sunlight. Your work for the day is done. Your volunteers are working on your event logistics for you. More volunteers are making sure that those thank you notes are printed, and they are entering donations into your database too. One of your volunteers comes around with some fresh baked cookies for you. You smile, take one, and get up to leave, promptly, at 5pm.

Wouldn’t you like to have a volunteer fundraising team like this? Are you fundraising professional as well as volunteer manager? Philanthropy 400 Report from Chronicle of Philanthropy states Young Adults are the Key to Fundraising. Volunteers give 10x more money than those who don’t volunteer. Volunteer retention increases with age HOWEVER 1 in 3 volunteers do not volunteer the next year. You can change this. You can find and retain fundraising volunteers.

Who should take this webinar? If you wear many hats, if you need help, if you’ve got too many fundraising tasks, you should take this webinar.

In this webinar you will learn:

1. What are 5 fabulous sources of volunteers?
2. How to create a compelling volunteer job description that gets results?
3. How to identify which volunteers will help you fundraise?
4. What are example tasks that volunteers can perform?
5. How can you turn your board into fundraising superheroes?
6. What are the different kinds of volunteers and how can you reach them?
7. How do you deal with volunteer motivation when volunteers slack off?
8. How to get past the objection, “I don’t want to fundraise”?
9. How can you use volunteers for a successful phone-a-thon?
10. How can you retain volunteers?