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CSR – Building the Socially Conscious Companies of Tomorrow

This session is designed to help nonprofits and fundraisers understand the transformation companies are undergoing as they look to build the socially conscious companies of tomorrow. A transformation that starts with engaging the workforce today and establishing a culture of giving back. The key is to start with a clear programmatic vision and an impact plan that can be paired together with an inspired and galvanized workforce which ultimately are the tools needed to move to the next level. And that next level includes engaging the community. It is important to share a story of impact, collaborate with local, expert partners, and capitalize on the influence and reach that brands can have within, and even beyond their local communities. The end result - true cultural change. With a highly engaged workforce and community, giving & engagement programs can accomplish so much more than just ‘doing good’ they can affect real, long-term change and truly help transform organizations into the socially conscious companies of tomorrow.

Participants will learn about:

  • Engaging the Workforce
  • Engaging the Community
  • Changing the Cutlure
Presenters:  Rachel Hutchisson and Andrew Troup

All Prices Are In USD