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The #FutureSchool

Class 1: 
The #FutureSchool: Are Schools Really Prepared?

Schools have made radical changes - with no real end in sight. That is why schools need to be realistic - and prepared. Dive into what schools learned from remote learning in the year of COVID-19! Explore winners and losers and see what new education leaders are achieving in content delivery. And, say hello to the #SuperTeacher!

Presenter:  Simon Noakes, Founder & CEO, Interactive Schools

Digital comms geek, strategic tech incubator, creative wannabe, 80's music playlister!

Simon is at the cutting edge of marketing and communications within the international education sector. He is an expert in strategic marketing, thought leadership, social media, brand value, and innovative thinking.

Simon does not follow benchmarks. Success can only be delivered through creating new benchmarks and #inspiringschools.

Simon believes that every school is unique, and wants to help tell their #SchoolStories.

Simon continues to be a beacon in the implementation of effective marketing strategies, and has been credited with increasing engagement & brand reach of some of the world’s leading Independent Schools.

Simon is a regular speaker and contributor on the subject of digital marketing, social media and mobile apps - and is a key driver in the #FutureSchool.

Our kids will be doing jobs that don’t exist. Are you preparing them?

Class 2: 
The #FutureSchool: Planning and Marketing for Successful Virtual Events

Your online events may not be "in-person" but they can still be every bit as personal and successful. You just need a plan to maximize attendance, engagement, and results. Learn how to promote and run the big day with the right resources, tools, and expectations. Get a range of options and solutions to fit every budget.

Presenter: Dan Price, Storytelling Director, Interactive Schools

Dan is the Storytelling Director at Interactive Schools, a global speaker, and a champion for the use of social communications within schools.

Dan believes in content authenticity, as this underpins meaningful and inspiring storytelling. Every school is different (and amazing), where each individual learning journey is varied and intertwined. Dan wants to help every school capture these stories in an effective way.

Dan works with schools around the world, helping deliver content strategies that are shared, talked about, and loved. A self-confessed 'social junky' – Dan immerses himself in new social technologies – so that deeper understanding can be shared with the wider education community (as it is moving so fast!).

Class 3: 
The #FutureSchool: #SchoolStories More Important Than Ever

Spreading positive messages from your school on social media has never been more important. The secret sauce? Authenticity, creativity, and consistency. And don’t be afraid to experiment! We’ll share top tips to keep your #SchoolStories flowing and show examples from #InspiringSchools all over the world.

Presenter: Ben Weston-Conway, Marketing Manager, Interactive Schools

Ben Weston-Conway is Marketing Manager at Interactive Schools. After a brief career as a musician, he studied at Durham University Business School. He now combines his love of strategic marketing and his passion for education through his work at Interactive Schools.

David Long
Presenter: David Long, North America Director, Interactive Schools

David Long joined Interactive Schools in April 2019 following a 13-year career as a marketing and communications director at three independent schools: Charlotte Preparatory School (NC), Cannon School (NC), and The Westminster Schools (GA). Prior to that, David worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, as an aide to three U.S. Senators.

Level of Experience:
  • Advancing (5-9 Yrs)
  • Mastering (10+ Yrs)
Professional Competencies:
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Customer Focus
  • Interpersonal Savvy
  • Plans & Aligns
Professional Behaviors:
  • Foster Community Interaction (Communication)
Continuing Education Credits:

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