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Association Management Essentials


Association Forum is proud to present the Association Management Essentials series, designed to meet the growing needs of your entry and mid-level employees. This series consists of half-day explorations of core management essentials to build your team’s potential!  A certificate of completion will be awarded to those participants who complete the entire series. For those seeking a refresher, you can also register for individual courses.

Each session is a half-day of learning and networking.
Member: $149; Non-Member: $199 per essentials session
All Session as a bundle:  Member $599, Non-Member $849
CAE Credits: 3 per session

Governance Essentials

High performing organizations depend on good governance practices. These principles are rarely taught to association staff; most learning is accomplished “on the job.” Drawing on its rich history of establishing frameworks in which boards of directors are able to function at a high level, the development of this half-day workshop that will present core governance practices with a focus on the "nuts and bolts" of good governance.

Finance for the Non-Finance Professional
During this course, you will enhance your financial acumen by learning how to examine and analyze financial statements, discuss how to prepare and monitor a program budget and review Form 990. This course is designed for non-financial professionals and will give you the tools to manage a program or department budget.

Ins and Outs of Association Law
During this course, you will learn about governance, tax, contracts, intellectual property, and antitrust. You will laugh. You will cry. You will come away knowing a lot more than you do know about legal issues for non-profits. This course is designed for non-legal professionals and will give you an understanding of laws impacting your work and your association.

Membership 360
Retaining your members isn't just in what you do the last few months of each year; every element of your association plays a role in why your members join and remain your members, or why they leave. This course will frame your Membership Strategies from a holistic perspective, and help you approach evaluating your programs and communications from a Member Value perspective, while providing real-world examples you can take back with you.

Your Leadership Potential
True leadership comes from your ability to influence. By increasing your ability to influence, you will increase your leadership potential. This program will show you how to expand your power and positive influence beyond your formal authority to get the job done and demonstrate true leadership. Leadership is not a position, it’s about influence.