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Practitioner Scholar Surveys

The Practitioner Scholar Faculty Forum led AUPHA’s efforts to collect data on practitioner participation in academia in spring 2023. One survey went out to program directors of AUPHA's undergraduate and graduate program members, while another went to all individuals registered in the AUPHA network. Individuals were asked to complete the survey only if they met the following criteria:

1. They have been or are a practicing leader in the healthcare delivery sectors AND
2. They are currently in a teaching (faculty appointment, lecturer of record) and/or administrative role (mentoring, student or career services, recruitment/placement, competencies, curriculum, relationship management) in at least one AUPHA undergraduate or graduate member healthcare management program.

The response rate for the program directors survey was 49%. No response rate could be determined for the individual survey as it is unclear how many individuals identify as practitioner scholars amongst members.
Access Information
AUPHA member programs who have completed the most recent Annual Survey receive free access to all de-identified data collected by AUPHA.

If your program did not complete the most recent Annual Survey, you may request access to this data for a fee.
IRB Approval
Prior to requesting access, please ensure that you have received approval from your institution's IRB to proceed with this data.

To request access, please contact Jenn Munt at, or call her at 202-808-8526. Please provide a copy of your IRB approval at the time of your request.
See all surveys in the Data Warehouse here.