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Dealing with Uncertainty: Finding Resiliency through Mindfulness

The COVID-19 pandemic has put new and unforeseen challenges in our path. These challenges have put undue stress on everyone and participating in self-care is even more important than ever. Finding resiliency helps individuals deal with adversity and demands creating healthier healthcare professionals, better work relationships, higher job satisfaction, and an improved professional quality of life.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to apply the following objectives:


  • Relate the scientific evidence of mindful practice to nurse and social work case managers.
  • Recognize the signs of increased anxiety and stress, and locate resources to increase resilience.
  • Develop the basics of mindful practice and apply knowledge through activities creative to stay calm and attentive to the moment.

1 Hr Credit: RN and CCM
Members:   FREE
Non-Members:  $40 (for live session)